HtH Board of Directors

Rick Erlendson - Treasurer
Journalism Professor at Mount Royal University

Rick has been a long-term volunteer with and supporter of HtH. As a Calgary-based photojournalist, you will often see him with his camera during HtH concerts, using his talent and passion to capture beautiful photos. His many talents also extend to the kitchen, where he has graciously cooked many delicious meals for our ensembles. Rick is a professor in the Department of Information Design in the Faculty of Communication Studies at Mount Royal University. He holds both a masters and doctorate from the University of Alberta. He is an award-winning photographer, writer and professor. In 2005, Alberta’s centennial year, Richard’s life’s work was publicly acknowledged when he was awarded the Centennial Medal – granted to Alberta’s significant citizens in recognition of the province’s 100th anniversary as a province. The award recognized his exemplary work as a career professor and photojournalism.

Greg Grunau
Pastor of Spiritual Development, Centre Street Church

Greg Grunau has a passion for personal and spiritual growth in any context and culture. He spent his growing up years divided between Canada and Indonesia, and still loves Indonesian food best of all and the beautiful game known in Canada as soccer. He is the Pastor of Spiritual Development at Centre Street Church where he has served since 2002, focusing his time on developing an overall discipleship process for the church, leading teams, teaching classes, organizing events, and a few other things. He and his wife also lead a missional community group in their home and are seeking to be more intentional about seeking to live as a “family on mission” together with them. Although he does not sing publically, he loves a variety of music and enjoys listening to his wife’s singing. He is exploring further the connections between discipleship and social justice, and bringing that perspective to the HTH family.

Kim Pangracs
Family Counsellor, Alberta Health Services

Kim is a Family Counsellor in the Grief Support Program with Alberta Health Services. She holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Calgary, and has a heart for social justice both locally and globally. She uses her skills to provide support to individuals as they navigate their various grief journeys. When not driving her own children to choir, she volunteers in their schools and is a long-standing supporter and volunteer for Compassion Canada. She has watched and admired the evolution of Harmony through Harmony from its inception, and is committed to being a part of reaching its vision.

Angie Redecopp - Secretary
Associate Professor of Business & Development Studies, Ambrose University,
former corporate lawyer and International Justice Mission Canada development director

Angie combines her interest and experience in business with her passion for justice and international development through her teaching and other undertakings at Ambrose University. At Ambrose, Angie works with her colleagues to inspire students and others to pursue business and other endeavors with purpose and with a view to the common good. Angie also seeks to be involved in the community through board involvement and other volunteer activities. Angie is very supportive of HtH’s vision to build community, expand worldviews, develop leaders and fight for justice for the oppressed through the medium of music and the arts.

Keith Weaver
Retired Financial Executive

Keith is driven to help organizations become more effective. Until the middle of 2011, Keith was the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for MicroEnsure LLC. Previously, until late 2005 he had been the Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Asia for Manulife Financial, located in Hong Kong, and prior to that was President & CEO of OUB Manulife (Singapore). While comfortable in the arcane world of financial mathematics, he is also good at connecting with people. He has applied these skills and passions to help a number of not for profit organizations at the board level. He is deeply intrigued by and committed to the HtH vision and desires that it make a significant constructive impact in the various communities it is involved with.