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Invite HtH to your Next Event

In our first five years, we have helped raise more than $380,000 for organizations that are dedicated to helping the poor and the oppressed. We have a proven record of moving our audiences to support causes that matter. Consider partnering with HtH to raise awareness about issues affecting our world today, or help your organization raise money for possible solutions to those issues!

HtH invites musicians on a journey of transformation, and then we invite our audiences to catch a glimpse of that journey. We would love to share our music and message at your next event!

HtH is ideally positioned to perform in the following types of venues and events:

  • Charitable organization fundraisers
  • Churches
  • Community concert series
  • Conferences
  • Underprivileged audiences

We also wish to collaborate with other artistic groups that share in our mission. This may take the form of a guest appearance at a HtH show, or vice versa.

To inquire if HtH can perform at your next event, please use the contact form.