Buzz about HtH

Next Step Ministries was able to experience HtH's mission in action as they put on a concert that highlighted our work and invited people to share in it. God poured out His blessings and through these funds, more women will be able to exit sexual exploitation and enter our house and programs that help them break the cycles of addiction and abuse so they can find their true identity. Through music, HtH is fighting for justice for the oppressed – thank you!

Cliff Wiebe, Strategy Officer
Next Step Ministries

I so love what you all do. I was bragging to my band and conductor about you and knew you'd deliver.... but you exeeded my expectations by leaps. Everyone was stunned, to begin with, that you had memorized the material. Then...the nuanced quality of your collective performance is not only magnificent, but deeply moving. It so honours the music and your audience you sing to, that people feel not only that they have experienced greatness, but Love as well. That's no small thing. Then there's your countenance. I kept looking back at you mostly to see your faces. There was a radiance that eminated from you all; a communication of hope and joy that penetrates so much deeper than words. And that, I believe, comes from the work you all do that no-one sees. Your studies, prayer, commitment to virtue and empathy - and to each other. The responses we had from people at the concert were overwhelming. Mostly, folks felt that every time you stood up to sing, the whole experience was suddenly turbo-charged. You truly are unique and I've thought so fondly about you all many times since the concert. Thanks so very much. I do hope there are opportunities in the future to work together again.

Steve Bell

We had the distinct pleasure to have HTH perform at out scholarship and awards ceremony. Their messages on social justice are imperative for us to hear. Their method of delivery is powerful singing that brings to audiences a different way of thinking. HTH entertains while informing!

Peter W Choate

HtH never fails to mesmerize audiences with their vocal brilliance, lyrical resonance and magical presence. They not only transport crowds to another dimension -- they help translate this motion into momentum for issues of common concern.

Jamie McIntosh

What a blessing I experienced this night as I watched the justice workers who make up the Harmony Through Harmony community. They so movingly communicate all of our need to stand against and get involved in meeting the needs of those abused through human trafficking all around the world. This group uses amazing talent for a very selfless intent. I say ‘Well done’ and I am so blessed to walk with you this evening.

Pat Nixon

I loved everything about your presentation on Thursday morning - I was especially glad that you could join us for the entire morning. And I loved the script that drew attention to the issues and elevated the presentation we heard from SAS. It's kind of like those "I am Second" video clips. You sang and spoke a message that embedded the passion of the earlier speaker into my heart.

Verna Ratzlaff, Women's Ministry, Centre Street Church

Such an amazing and moving performance last night at Meant to Be Unbroken. It blessed our spirits and moved our hearts. Congratulations to all. And it is so admirable to see such dedication to the mission of Jesus among your young people.

Jacquie Brown, author of Off the Map: follow me out of domestic violence

The Alberta Youth Choir and Harmony through Harmony sang a magnificent concert on Nov. 3 at St. Peter’s Church in Cochrane. 80 of Alberta’s best young singers joined together and ‘raised the roof’ in fabulous music. From Ian Tyson to South African songs. One young chorister described it as this : “It sounded like they each came with a big talent and they came together to make ONE BIG talent!” That’s the best description of choral music I’ve ever heard. The choirs raised $775 for HopeShares Africa.

Erica Phare-Bergh

I was totally wowed by HtH and kept thinking how your name makes sense on so many levels. The group is quite amazing this year – they just keep getting better. The powerful medium of music is and will continue to make a difference for so many.

Doris Olafsen, Executive Vice President
Opportunity International Canada

On behalf of the ACF Board of Directors, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your help in providing such an outstanding opportunity for the Alberta Youth Choir in Cochrane this year. Thanks so much for your willingness to coordinate, your desire to create a great experience, and your enthusiasm for the project. Many of the choristers have commented on what an outstanding experience the tour was, and we have you to thank for helping create it!

Kim Denis, Alberta Choral Federation Board of Directors

As we were blessed in Calgary by the sweet harmony and rhythms of the acappella presentation by Harmony Through Harmony, we were drawn back to the pure sound of authentic African vocals. This was a reminder to those of us blessed to have heard those African voices in person, and a hint to those yet to go, of what God's blessing has been through the music of Africa. Led by Beth and Reid Wiest McLean, the audience was transported for those few moments from Canada to the peaceful sounds of authentic African harmony. We thank Harmony Through Harmony for sharing their beautiful voices on behalf of HopeShares and Seed of Hope.

Gerry Provencal, Director of Canadian Operations, Hopeshares

I really enjoyed HtH's songs this evening... it was clear that the crowd appreciated your performances.

Paul Grindlay, Airdrie Community Choir

I have told many people about how wonderful Harmony through Harmony is but have yet to say it to you. Thanks so much to ... all the choir for coming out to sing for us with such beauty and gusto at a very busy time of year. I know the folks that night really enjoyed the experience of hearing HtH and it helped make the evening a success.

Anne Taylor, Good Samaritans fundraiser

What a great choir! We were amazed at the harmonies! And the tightness of the group, without accompaniment. They certainly are a very talented group of musicians. ...We also very much appreciate their mission. Certainly worthy of our support!

John Buller

Harmony Through Harmony was here with us for 3 weeks and were involved in a variety of projects and concerts. My favorite moments with this talented group of musicians were the impromptu concerts that they gave. One of the ladies in our sewing group had a mom who was very sick.

We knew that there was not much that we could do to help her. At her age, and stage of illness, she was not likely to recover from so many bad infections. One morning, the choir decided to take their gift of singing to her home. They stood outside her window and let beautiful choral melodies fill the air and drift into her room. It was a sacred moment as some of God’s peace saturated the air that we were standing in. We could hear the bedridden woman sing along and softly say “God Bless You.” We prayed a blessing on her.

We received news only a few days after that she had passed away. We cannot always stop a person’s suffering in this world, but we can be sojourners in that suffering. Through the gift of music they brought hope -- and showed a willingness to be present in the suffering of another human being.

Dan Wiens
Centre Manager, Seed of Hope Community Development
Bhekulwandle, South Africa

Just a quick note to say how much I have appreciated the music and sound of Harmony Through Harmony.

After attending the two events in May and June, the one song you did, "Man in the Mirror" has become an "ear worm". In recent days I have been watching the song and lyrics on You Tube.

Yesterday while working at the West Campus, a First Nations couple came into the building and after listening to their story, my first reaction was to dismiss their concerns and carry on with life.

Then the words of "Man in the Mirror" flashed across my mind and I decided to make a difference in their lives. The outcome was awesome! I could have missed out on experiencing a "divine appointment".

So, continue doing what you are doing. You never know when someone may experience a God moment and make a difference in someone's life.

Stan Banks

Thank you for sharing your gift of community, voice, heart and soul with everyone on Thursday at The Vue. … you led with grace and poise and you totally looked like you were having fun all at the same time. It was wondrous really and a gift received with joy and awe. It was also a pleasure to watch the group of gathered friends receive your gift. It added such more dimension to the evening. The lyrics spoke to our mission and work so beautifully. Thank you so much.

Lise Owen Struthers
Opportunity International Canada

… we had the opportunity to follow up with about a dozen people the following day face to face and EVERYONE of them commented about how amazing the group was. They loved the arrangements, music, and the enthusiasm and were struck by the JOY that was part of the spirit of the group. It wasn’t just the music it was the presentation in its entirety. You have an amazing gift to offer through this ministry. And you are just getting started. I am wondering what and how God is going to work in and through you.

Thank you so much for blessing so many. You are amazing!

Doris Olafsen
VP, Philanthropy - Opportunity International Canada

Harmony through Harmony truly is an amazing group of talented singers who have the ability to harmonize their way right into our hearts. It is very evident that this wonderful group is dedicated to seeking justice for the oppressed and it was an honor to have them perform for us at our fundraising event. We received such great reviews about them from those attending our event.

Emilie Johnston, President
Hope Returns (

... You guys were phenomenal! How engaging, they way you mixed music, lyrics, scripture and your own personal authenticity was simply brilliant! ... It's up to US to educate the younger generation so they can share with their friends, that our salacious world is NOT ok, and only leads to reducing sexual intimacy to dark self gratification. ... I totally want to see your performance again. Rock on!!

Karen, after Women's Ministries Event, Centre Street Church

You guys are absolutely phenomenal. I saw your “Sing Out!” performance tonight & it definitely pulled on some of my heart strings. Much love!

“A wonderful evening of music and awareness.”

“Beautiful music + awesome elements. Thank you for putting this tragic issue on our agenda.”

“Good selection of songs, narration, etc. Well done! A good balance of music and a message + story that needs to be told. Thank you for starting this group. Inspirational!”

“Enjoyed the show & presentation of information. Learned a LOT! Such a topic seems to only appear in movies, making it appear fictional. Really nice to see it presented this way. Great work!”

“I absolutely loved what I saw and heard tonight. The music and presentation of this program was touching and inspirational. I would love to hear more from HtH in the future. Continue to do the amazing work.”

“Sounded wonderful. It was very well thought out and put together and it made me think and raise awareness as well as educated me on the issue.”

“I came to show my support to you guys and to enjoy some good music but left with much more. As many of your group members articulated, I did feel many emotions over the course of the evening. I felt angry to learn about the atrocities that are taking place around the world and in our own city, guilty that I was so ignorant to it, appreciative of how lucky I am, and many more feelings that have stayed with me. What I am left with is a better appreciation of the importance of not always turning a blind eye to things just because they are uncomfortable to think about. I see things like prostitution and pornography in a different light. I admit that to some degree I did consider that women made these choices and that it was their right to do this. I have a better understanding now of the bigger picture . The goal of the evening was awareness and it certainly accomplished this. ACT - I am more aware, I have felt the need to tell and talk, and I am still figuring out how I can best care. Thank you for bringing these important issues to my attention. It would seem trite to me to say, I enjoyed the show. It might be more appropriate to just thank you for putting on such a significant and important presentation.”

Concert Attendees