Join HtH

Do you have a passion for musical excellence and performance? Do you have the desire to grow as a leader? Do you want to change the world? Harmony through Harmony might be the right place for you!

HtH = choir + small group discipleship + social justice activism = world changers

Our community of musicians meets weekly to share a meal, rehearse, and learn about various forms of injustice in our world. Our response is to sing out and speak up against these injustices and share a message of hope. Our concerts and presentations raise public awareness, support organizations that work to alleviate these problems, and aim to inspire others to get involved.

What are our objectives?

  1. To have a positive impact on the lives of young people through:
    • Education and training in the performing arts
    • Learning together as a community about issues affecting the world today
    • The development of leadership skills
    • The presentation of secular and religious musical concerts and tours

  2. To use the performing arts to inspire engagement in social change.

  3. Through HtH's presentation of musical concerts and tours, to collaborate with other organizations to raise awareness of the issues affecting the world today and to raise funds for those organizations seeking to address the possible solutions to those issues.

What is the time commitment?

From October to May, we rehearse Tuesdays from 6:00 pm - 9:00pm. We have a mandatory out of town weekend workshop the 3rd weekend of January. This workshop runs Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. On average, HtH ensembles perform 1-3x per month. HtH performs at locally, nationally and internationally.

Requirements for participation in our HtH community include:

Group Picture of HtH
  • Ability to read music and / or ability to learn quickly by ear
  • Previous choir / ensemble experience is a huge asset, but not required
  • Desire to be challenged to excellence in performance
  • Desire to grow as a leader
  • Openness to exploring belief systems
  • Audition and interview

HtH participants do not need to be Christians, however, they need to be open to the leadership of HtH bringing their Christian perspective to discussions.

Is there a cost?

There is a nominal participation fee that is currently $125 per year. There is also a supply fee for sheet music, books and photocopies of approximately $75. Other operating funds are raised through performance revenues, donations, or grant applications. We will not be involved in any fundraising that comes from gambling revenues (e.g. bingos, casinos). When HtH does a “learning and serving” trip, these costs are in addition to the above.

At HtH, we are on a journey to discover how to have harmony with God, to live in harmony with others and to experience harmony with ourselves. We hope you will come and join us!

Please contact Torrance Airhart to book your audition today!

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